Andron Handling adds a new, increased capacity 600kg Binar Quick-Lift Rail to it’s product range

July 14, 2020  |   By

Andron is the sole UK distributor for Binar Quick-Lift products, a Swedish engineering company founded in 1979 to develop and manufacture world-leading zero gravity manipulator designs for the global market.

Binar have just added the Quick-Lift Rail 600i to their extensive zero gravity manipulator range which effectively doubles the maximum load the Binar range can work with and can be used on a rail system or attached to a jib arm.

Key product features are as follows:-

– Unique integrated mechanical, electrical, pneumatic swivel enables continuous rotation of end effector

– Innovative zero gravity manipulator design

– Powerful precision makes the Quick-Lift Rail 600i easy to use

– Exceptional safety is achieved using intelligent control systems

– High cost efficiency through low power consumption, high reliability and long durability

For additional information on this zero gravity manipulator please see the product sheet