Andron Handling introduces new lightweight Telescopic Mast Assistor

May 21, 2020  |   By

Andron Handling are excited to announce we have added a fantastic additional product to our extensive range of handling equipment. Our telescopic mast assistor uses an ultra-low friction roller guide system providing excellent balance and powered lift performance in a lightweight, compact package

Overhead mast assistors have a high lift range, large SWL and large torque capacity. They provide a stable platform for the manipulation of components with offset centres of gravity, or in locations where overhead obstructions prevent traditional wire rope or chain hoists from being used. Overhead masts are found in a wide range of applications across all industries, and can be supplied as a lift device only, or ‘turnkey’ with bespoke grippers and pneumatic or electronic control circuits.

TSM Series Telescopic Mast Assistor - Andron Handling
TSM Series Telescopic Mast Assistor

Our overhead masts have been supplied for applications ranging from automotive assembly lines to loading parts into high temperature press lines, and can handle weights from 5kg to 500kg or more.

Please see the product sheet for full details telescopic masts

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