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Andron Handling is pleased to announce the addition of the roll handler to it’s standard product range

June 30, 2020  |   By

The Andron roll handler offers a productive and ergonomic solution for handling paper, film and foil roll products of all weights and sizes. Grippers can be supplied to suit our range of standard manipulators and cranes, or as part of a bespoke lifting device.

This product can be used as a reel handler or roll handler as it is engineered to provide reliable ergonomic handling and manipulation of multiple product weights and dimensions:-

– Grippers available for wire rope, mast and parallel arm manipulators

– Suitable as a roll handler or reel handler

– Compatible with paper, film, foil, sheet metal or cable

– Bespoke lift devices available

– Heavy lift solutions up to 1500kg SWL

– Working height ranges up to 2000mm

– Reach up to 4500mm

– Configurations to suit floor or crane mounting

– Compatible with our light crane systems

Andron Roll Handler
Wire Rope Roll Handler

Modular standard designs can be easily adapted to suit our full range of different lifting devices including mast, parallel arm, wire rope assistors and electric chain hoists.
If a standard roll handler or reel handler doesn’t suit your application our engineering team can rapidly develop and certify bespoke solutions for any handling problem.

For full details please see our Andron roll handler and reel handler product specification here