Andron provides solution for two man lifting during social distancing measures

May 12, 2020  |   By

Andron Handling offers quick and effective solution for two man heavy lifting requirements impacted by social distancing measures.

As a busy engineering business, Andron Handling know that some heavy items need to be shared by two people to stay within ergonomic best practice.

This is not easily compatible with the new social distancing guidance we are all being asked to follow.

UK based Andron handling are proud to be able to provide a quick solution to customers who are facing two man heavy lifting challenges over this;

The Binar Quicklift Neo is a ‘hang-it up and use it’ battery powered lifting solution.

Two Man Heavy Lifting Solution Andron Handling
NEO 30 Battery-Powered Intelligent Hoist

It comes with a number of simple attachments with more and more being made available every day.

If you have a lifting challenge brought about by social distancing and don’t have the time to re-configure your workplace, contact Andron handling to discuss how we can help quickly.

For more information see our products page here

and watch the video to see the product in action