Andron utilises Altair SimSolid for rapid analysis of complex assemblies

January 21, 2021  |   By

Andron Handling was proud to see our Chief Engineer, Tony Jones, presenting at Altair’s recent virtual event alongside talks from General Motors, Jaguar LandRover, Brompton Bicycle, Rescroft Limited, Don-Bur and Whirlpool Corporation. Tony presented a case study on how Andron’s early adoption of Altair SimSolid has enabled rapid analysis of complex assemblies, a task that can be extremely time consuming in traditional FEA software.

During the presentation Tony demonstrated how our in-house design team uses Altair SimSolid to develop bespoke and innovative designs efficiently. As early adopters of this technology Andron has substantial experience applying SimSolid in a wide range scenarios. This unique ability allows Andron to offer our customers even higher quality with reduced cost and lead times, all while tailoring solutions specifically to our customers needs.

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