Universal Robot 10 (UR10)

The UR10 collaborative robot (cobot) is UR’s largest collaborative industrial robot arm, designed for bigger tasks where precision and reliability are still of paramount importance.

With the UR10 cobot you can automate processes and tasks with payloads that weigh up to 10 kg (22 lbs).

Features & Benefits

  • Automate tasks up to 12.5 kgs (27.5 Ibs) payload capacity
  • Reach radius of up to 1300 mm (51 in) for wide workspaces
  • Fast payback time
  • The largest UR robot arm but with a small footprint, making it a best-seller
  • Designed for bigger tasks where you can move more per pick, use heavier tools and process heavier parts where precision & reliability are still essential
  • Automate heavier-weight collaborative processes
  • Perfect for machine tending, packaging, palletising, assembly and pick & place
  • Designed to be more effective at tasks across a larger area
  • Save time on production lines where distance can be a factor

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