Quick-Lift Driven Hoists

For the ultimate in ergonomics and productivity, our quick-lift driven hoists (QLD) are an innovative power travel gantry crane with advanced tracking capabilities, responding automatically to operator movements and driving the crane gantry in the x and y directions with zero effort.

QLD systems continuously monitor cable angle, tracking even minor movements to automatically reposition the hoist above the load. Operators can move about the work area with virtually zero effort. The system is fully proportional, with traversing speeds adjusting to match the operator. This helps maintain a high speed over long distances without strain on the user and is an optimum solution for working in large areas.

Compatible with standard control handles, the system benefits from the advanced ergonomics, safety and lift capabilities of our intelligent lifting range. Available with standard and bespoke end effectors, hooks and other lifting accessories, QLD crane systems are suitable for any load. With safe working loads of up to 300kg and large working areas available, this assistor removes the load from your operators and supplies precise, rapid movement in x, y and z with minimum effort.

Features & Benefits of Quick-Lift Driven Hoists

  • Suitable for loads from 5kg to 300kg
  • Ultra-light lifting, as little as 20g force needed to lift 300kg loads
  • Automatic ‘float’ mode detects part weight for lifting any load
  • Advanced safety features
  • Fully programmable
  • Remote mounting and inline handle options available
  • Standard options available to integrate pneumatic, vacuum and mechanical grippers
  • Configurable button functions for custom manipulators
  • Unique, low torque swivel joint with electric and pneumatic coupling
  • Fully functional QLD system available for hands-on demonstrations