Parallel Arms

With hundreds of systems installed in the most demanding environments, our overhead parallel arms are a robust, proven solution for high performance ergonomic handling of a wide variety of loads.

Both Overhead Parallel Arms and Floor Standing Parallel Arms are available. These manipulators are a high power and stable platform for components needing orientation changes during lifting, or where there are overhead obstructions preventing traditional wire rope or chain hoist systems from being used.

Heavily utilised in the automotive industry on main vehicle assembly lines as well as in a range of other industries, an Andron parallel arm will complete hundreds of thousands of cycles annually with a long life and minimal maintenance requirements.

Features & Benefits of Overhead Parallel Arms

  • High power, suitable for loads from 5kg to 900kg
  • Working lift range up to 2000mm
  • Reach up to 4500mm
  • Able to lift components with large centre of gravity offsets
  • A range of configurations from floor standing to overhead crane system mounting
  • Fully pneumatic with powered or balanced lifting modes available
  • Can be coupled with a large range of standard accessories
  • Safe working load, reach and lift height can be customised by our engineering team to suit bespoke requirements
  • Robust well-proven solution in wide use in the automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing industries