Vacuum Lifters

Fast, adaptable and powerful; our range of vacuum lifters are an excellent solution for high frequency lifting operations in all production environments

Our vacuum lifters are available in a wide variety of models handling up to 270 kg and with a lift height of up to 2.6m.

Provided with simple controls, each vacuum lifter is intuitive to use; with only a few minutes training operators can be up and running. Flexible and adaptable handles allow loads to be picked up from the side, above, or both. An ergonomic position can be maintained even when lifting over shoulder height.

Custom solutions are available with bespoke grippers, or to suit cleanroom and ATEX requirements.

Features & Benefits of Vacuum Lifters

  • High capacity up to 270 kg
  • Lifting speed from  0-1 m/s
  • Available with a range of standard handles
  • A wide selection of standard grippers for various loads
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Compatible with our full range of light cranes, articulated arms and jib cranes