Vacuum Lifters

Fast, adaptable and powerful; vacuum lifters are an excellent solution for high frequency lifting operations in all production environments.

Provided with simple controls, each vacuum lifter is intuitive to use; with only a few minutes training, operators can be up and running. Flexible and adaptable handles allow loads to be picked up from the side, above, or both. An ergonomic position can be maintained even when lifting over shoulder height.

Features & Benefits of vacuum lifters

  • Vacuum lifters can be adapted to function with any load, weight or format up to 300kg
  • Safety – all the units have safety systems to avoid the involuntary release of loads, even in the event of a power cut
  • Ergonomics – all the products are individually designed to maximise their ergonomic impact on each workstation and limit the risk of injury
  • Productivity – It is the lifting tube which carries the load. The operator is therefore, able to quickly and effortlessly raise very heavy loads
  • Complete product range – a wide range of accessories and options are available to meet your needs

The “Master Fast“, “Master Plus“, “Master Plus – Tilt“, “Master Plus High Reach“, “Easy Fast“, “Easy Plus“, “Ergo Fast” and “Ergo Plus” options are available to respond to all needs.

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