EASY Fast Vacuum Lifter

The EASY Fast vacuum lifter is designed to lift loads up to 50kg in a variety of formats. The grip of the control handle replicates the grip of the operator raising the load in order to reduce the risk of injury and simplify the task of palletising.

The EASY Fast vacuum lifter is ideal for lifting cartons, bags and cans thanks to its suction-cup lifting system. Bags of cement, salt or dye for example, can be lifted easily by creating an air vacuum on the suction unit, allowing the lifting tube to raise the load with ease.

Features & Benefits

  • Weight up to 50 kg
  • Ideal for palletising of bags
  • Compatible gripping tools: suckers, forks, hooks, pincers, etc
  • Electrical supply: 230V / 400V
  • Available in stainless steel version
  • Compatible with ATEX 2.2 zones
EASY Fast Vacuum Tube Lifter Andron Handling

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