Industrial Automation Lifting Equipment

We can design and manufacture automated special-purpose machines for almost any application. Our specialised industrial automation lifting equipment solutions are in use in high and low volume production for steel, consumer and general manufacturing.

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

With decades of experience developing simple, effective solutions for mechanical and control problems, our engineering team can automate virtually any process. Our engineers work closely with customers to define process requirements and develop detailed design specifications for all aspects of the system. We can specify a complete solution covering mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, controls and software, and civil works. 

We ensure that all aspects of your production line are integrated and work together efficiently and effectively. Our broad portfolio of standard and bespoke conveyors, coupled with our lifting and handling systems, tooling and bespoke engineering products, means you get the right product to the right place at the right time for your process.

Where manual handling is required, our extensive range of handling solutions and cranes integrates perfectly. Assistors, cranes and handling devices can be supplied individually or as part of a larger automation project, with end of arm tooling, crane and structural steel all included.

With a UK-based team providing on-site service, support and training packages you can rest assured that your investment in our industrial automation lifting solutions will provide long-term reliability and productivity.

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