Lifting & Handling Solutions For Warehousing & Logistics

We provide warehouse handling equipment of all types, from simple crane systems and conveyors, sequencing handlers, trolleys and tooling, to bespoke mobile or fixed manipulating systems to support safe and ergonomic lifting, handling and automation in the logistics sector.

Our sequencing and packing manipulators and cranes, conveyor systems, pallet transport and automated storage systems complete hundreds of thousands of cycles every year, handling all types of products. Having designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of different solutions over the years we are experts in the specification and development of industrial manipulators, cranes, conveyors and special purpose machinery, and can support any warehouse and logistic requirement.

Our skilled engineers will visit your site and take the time to fully understand your requirements for warehouse handling equipment before proposing a tailored solution designed to improve productivity, increase safety and reduce workplace injuries. With experience delivering projects large and small, we can solve problems of any complexity, for any challenge.

All systems are backed up by our comprehensive on-site support, servicing, spares and training packages, ensuring long-term reliability.

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