Andron Handling Equipment Jib Crane at UKBIC

Prime Minister Boris Johnson joins his Royal Highness Duke of Cambridge as a high profile user of Andron Handling equipment as he tours the UKBIC

July 22, 2021  |   By

Mr Johnson was seen with a number of Andron Handling Equipment jib cranes on his recent tour of the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) in Coventry.

Andron Handling Equipment provided a number of jib cranes and specialist lifting attachments for battery handling at UKBIC. Andron’s history of providing equipment for electric and hybrid vehicle assembly goes back to the manufacture of the first examples in the UK. We have since provided battery handling equipment to almost all of the electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers in the UK, as well as others around the world. Our battery equipment ranges from our jib crane solutions with special grippers for simple transfer applications, through to complex in-vehicle installation equipment on fast moving production lines.

Mr Johnson joined HRH Duke of Cambridge as a high profile user of Andron Handling’s bespoke Industrial Lifting Equipment, who was previously filmed using an Andron Manipulator on the Range Rover line at JLR’s Solihull plant.

Andron Handling Equipment Manipulator
Duke of Cambridge uses Andron manipulator at JLR plant, Solihull