12V Battery Lift Assist Jaguar Land Rover Andron Handling

12V Battery Lift Assist

September 24, 2020


Andron Handling was approached by Jaguar Land Rover to design a bespoke 12V Battery Lift Assist for lifting and placing a 12V battery on their electric vehicle production line.

The Technical Challenge

The customer requirement was for a 12V Battery Lift Assist to pick the battery from a pallet and place to the rear of the vehicle. An additional quality requirement was that the battery had to be checked whilst engaged in the Battery Lift Assist to ensure the voltage was within the required specification.

The Andron Solution

Andron designed a bespoke end effector for the Lift Assist which included a sensor to show the operator when the gripper was correctly clamped and ok to lift. Brakes were fitted to the assistor to hold it clear of the line when not use. An innovative voltmeter was included on the end effector which was powered from the battery being lifted. This indicated the battery voltage and disabled the clamp function if the specification was not met. Thus ensuring only batteries of the correct voltage specification would be fitted to the vehicle.

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