Industrial Lifting Equipment Centre Console Assistor Andron Handling

Andron delivers another successful Industrial Lifting Equipment solution

July 22, 2021

Andron were delighted to be approached by Draexlmaier to design, manufacture, install and commission Industrial Lifting Equipment for use to pick and place a vehicle centre console.


Draexlmaier required a portable assistor to pick up a centre front console for a vehicle from a trolley and transfer it to the marriage platen for use in vehicle production.

The Technical Challenge

The particular technical challenges for this industrial lifting equipment was the size and weight of the customer part which had to be moved, as well as the sensitivity of some of the locations on the part, meaning that it had to be clamped in a specific location. In addition, this industrial lifting equipment solution had to be portable so that it could be moved from one location to another all whilst fitting the customer height restrictions requirement (low head room below under-guarding)

The Andron Industrial Lifting Equipment Solution

The Andron industrial lifting equipment solution consisted of a fork-liftable mobile base so that the assistor could be moved from one site to another, or within, as required. Attached to the base was a vertical mast with a lightweight articulating arm joined to it, providing the required reach and ease of movement for the operator. An inverted Binar Quick Lit Arm (QLA) from our Intelligent Lifting Equipment range was then used to provide vertical lift, all controlled via a Smart handle mounted to the end effector.

The bespoke end effector itself consists of a bespoke lightweight perimeter frame arrangement supporting a pair of pneumatic clamp arms, specifically designed to safely and securely clamp on to the centre console. To aid location of the end effector to the correct site on the customer part, Nylon guides were attached to the perimeter frame,. The Nylon material was carefully selected to ensure no damage to the console during the clamping process.

Additional safety features were included in the design for this item of industrial lifting equipment. The primary safety feature being that, as soon as the load is taken by the assistor, a green light will switch off on the smart control handle and it will be impossible to unclamp the part accidently whilst in transit.

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