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Bespoke Lifting Accessories for Engine Manufacture

February 6, 2020

Building on the success of previous handling projects delivered at Jaguar Land Rover’s Wolverhampton facility, Andron were awarded a contract to design and manufacture a number of new cranes, tool storage trolleys and bespoke lifting accessories for engine manufacture.


Jaguar Land Rover’s engine production line in Wolverhampton is a large, modern manufacturing facility with very high expectations for the quality, finish, ergonomics and safety of production equipment.

The Technical Challenge

A range of different components requried lifting; these included blocks, crankshafts and cylinder heads. The tooling was to be used both with existing lifting equipment, and new jib cranes and hoists to be supplied and installed by Andron.

The tooling was to be hook mounted and manually controlled to allow easy re-use in different manufacturing stations. It was also important to develop tooling suitable for a rapid production rate whilst also maintaining the extremely high safety standards in place at the site and ensuring the most efficient and ergonomic lifting methods are used.

The Andron Solution for Bespoke Lifting Accessories for Engine Manufacture

Based on our proven manual clamping grippers and spreader plates, a set of bespoke lifting tools were developed. 3D virtual prototypes and finite element analysis was used to validate the operation and strength of the tooling, and to identify opportinities to minimise weight. We were able to draw on previous experience of similar tools to efficiently development a solution based on robust, tried and tested systems. The tooling was designed to fit both existing crane systems previously installed by Andron and a new low headroom jib crane and hoist provided as part of this project.

A suite of tool storage trolleys were designed and manufactured to provide safe storage and ergonomic transport between different workstations. This allowed a smaller number of tools to be supplied and used flexibly throughout the factory.

Full factory acceptance testing with the customer’s engineers was completed at our Marlow factory, proving the functionality of the equipment against real world components before they were delivered to the production line.

The different elements were manufactured, installed, fully tested and certified at the engine plant in Wolverhampton safely and efficiently. Ongoing aftersales care is provided by our service team, ensuring a suite of tooling and lifting equipment that will operate effectively with a long life.

The end result is a number of effective, ergonomic and fast to use tools and a very happy customer.