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Cylinder Block Manual Gripper

July 29, 2020


Andron was approached to develop a cylinder block manual gripper for lifting cylinder blocks on the assembly line at Wolverhampton, Jaguar Land Rover.  The customer required a manual gripper that could lift different types of block such as four and six cylinder blocks for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

The Technical Challenge

The customer was looking for a simple but effective cylinder block manual gripper to enable one man to safely lift the large and heavy cylinder block from the stillage on the main assembly line and place in safe and controlled manner, all within a shortened process time of 20 seconds.

The Andron Solution

The Andron solution was to provide a manually activated manual gripper which requires no special power or air supply and provides simple, rapid and reliable operation.

The manual gripper is a popular and versatile product and can often be a simpler and more low cost alternative to powered clamps. Andron offers a wide range of products in the manual gripper range, including toggle and over-centre clamps, linear slides, scissor mechanisms and more. Almost any powered gripper can be converted to manual operation, where necessary making use of linkage and latching systems to provide a safe single point of operation. In this scenario the steel fabricated design is capable of locating on the top surface into the central bores using soft pads and gripping on the external profile using nylon reinforced gripping jaws.

The manual gripper has enhanced safety functionality consisting of a locking plunger to prevent the cylinder block from accidental release during transfer. An additional product benefit is the quick release profile gripping jaws are easily interchangeable by the operator so can be utilised for differing variant lifting products.

A manual gripper is ideal for use with existing hoist and crane systems and will also integrate well with our range of manipulators and intelligent lifting devices.

For full details of our manual gripper products, please see the product specification here: