Electric vehicle battery lift assist

Electric Vehicle Battery Lift Assist

September 17, 2020


Having built an extensive back catalogue of Electric Vehicle Battery Lift Assist and processing equipment, Andron were approached by Toyota to install both the service battery and the hybrid battery under the rear seat of their new model.

The Technical Challenge

Although the two main components were positioned adjacent to one another in the pick position, there was no connection between the parts, yet they had to be placed in the vehicle accurately in their relative positions, with minimal operator visibility.

The overall electric vehicle battery assembly is of significant size and weight and requires a complicated path to enter the rear door of a relatively small vehicle.

The Andron Solution

The battery lift assist consisted of a bespoke easy-to-locate gripper, smooth traversing parallel arm lift system and ergonomic operator controls which resulted in a safe, accurate and repeatable process with no reaching or bending effort by the operator.

Designed and manufactured in our UK head office and delivered in partnership with our European network, the battery lift assist represents another international delivery to a global manufacturer.

A successful project which has now spawned a repeat request from the same manufacturer for an additional electric vehicle battery lift assist in eastern Europe.

For more information on our extensive range of grippers please see our products page /https://www.andronhandling.com/lifting-handling-solutions/grippers/