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Production Tooling used by Andron to solve a health and safety problem

November 19, 2020

Andron Handling assisted an existing aerospace manufacturer customer by providing an innovative production tooling solution.


The customer had identified a Health and Safety Red Flag for an unacceptable process. With no obvious solution, they contacted Andron to help.

The Technical Challenge

The process involved loading high tolerance tooling and a component into the heart of a huge friction welding machine. The tooling was heavy and awkward and needed to be precisely fitted into its tool holder.

With no overhead access for a crane solution and only grid flooring over the bed of the machine, a traditional lifting solution could not be implemented.

The Andron Solution was a Production Tooling trolley

Andron proposed a production tooling trolley that could be wheeled into the aperture of the machine by the operator. The trolley then docked to the machine adjacent to the tool holder.

The trolley bed featured manual hydraulic height adjustment, with both coarse and fine adjustment, motion controlled x-y slide table and fine levelling adjustment to align the tooling with the tool holder.

The production tooling could then be easily slid into position and retracted on a linear bearing guide system.

Through a very clever selection of simple technology, the solution enabled a state-of-the-art process to continue with the ergonomic and quality requirements improved.

Following the implementation of this production tooling, the Health and Safety Red Flag was removed from the process and the project went on to win a process improvement award within this Global manufacturer’s awards competition.

Andron prides itself on solving difficult handling applications – if you have a challenge for our team, we would love to help, please Contact us for more information. Please also see here for more examples of our bespoke engineering solutions and examples of how we can solve your health and safety problems.