Hybrid Electric Vehicle Solution For Battery Sub Assembly

Hybrid electric vehicle solution for battery sub-assembly line provided by Andron

November 25, 2020

Andron Handling were asked to support a longstanding luxury vehicle manufacturer with the introduction of a Hybrid Electric vehicle solution variant to their existing production line.


The vehicle manufacturer contacted Andron with a significant production challenge; one of their existing models was due to have a hybrid electric variant introduced onto their current production line which meant the customer was faced with a number of difficulties as detailed below.

The Technical Challenge

The component parts, including a battery the size of a suitcase, would be arriving from suppliers in random packaging, without provision for lifting access. The parts needed to be assembled into a deep underbody tray with limited access for hands. The whole assembly would then need transporting to the main assembly line before being inverted for fitment to the underside of the vehicle.

The customer contacted Andron and asked for support, input into the process and the potential equipment that would be needed. They were also looking for suggestions to bring all the equipment together harmoniously.

The Andron Solution to assist with Hybrid electric vehicle production

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Solution Battery Turnover
Hybrid electric vehicle battery turnover

Andron worked backwards through the process, starting with the fit-to-vehicle process, through delivery to line, loading, inverting, sub-assembling and component removal from packaging.

The Andron proposal included 4 lift assist manipulators, a turnover fixture and various assembly fixturing which not only allowed the components to be assembled and slid together but also doubled as the work piece holder during the inversion.

hybrid electric vehicle turnover machine
Hybrid electric vehicle turnover machine

The customer team reviewed the proposal and was impressed by the interaction of all the equipment as it handed the component from one station to the next. The customer placed the order for the entire system with Andron.

The Andron design & build team brought the full system to completion in our facility for trials and physical buyoff. The system was then installed and commissioned by our team of expert technicians and commissioned on the live line successfully and ahead of required timing.

The customer commented that the integration challenges which normally arise from using several suppliers were completely removed from this project. Andron was granted early access to the process and was given the opportunity to configure the whole system. In doing so, project management, redesign costs and delays were significantly reduced.

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