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Instrument Panel Lift Assist

March 5, 2020

Andron Handling were asked to come up with an intelligent lift assist that could cope with rapid and precise collection and placement of instrument panels to be fitted to a moving vehicle.


Andron was approached to design, manufacture and install a lift assist to transfer instrument panels to a vehicle on the production line.

The Technical Challenge

The challenge presented by the customer was to pick up the instrument panel from an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and place it into the moving vehicle with both speed and accuracy. The lift assist was required to cover a large area and rotate to allow it to fit through the front door aperture.

The Andron Solution

The solution to this challenge was to produce a balanced mast system mounted on a down shop and cross shop rail system. Bespoke steel work was designed and installed to allow for the coverage area required.

The instrument panel was presented on an AGV from which the lift assist lifted the instrument panel, rotated it to pass through the front door aperture then placed it into the final position within the vehicle.

The gripper consisted of pneumatically activated shot bolts which inserted into lifting locations on the instrument panel ensuring a safe and secure method for lifting. The control system then allowed for positioning of the pneumatic clamp gripper to allow rapid and accurate movements to fit without clashing with the vehicle.

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