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Magnetic Gripper

October 22, 2020

Andron designed a bespoke magnetic gripper for an automotive manufacturer with a unique problem.


Andron are often faced with difficult scenarios regarding how to grip a component. For quality reasons, some of our customers would much rather we pick up their product without touching it!

Our customers’ quality is of tantamount importance to us and as such we relish the challenge of making sure our lifting equipment leaves no trace on these applications.

We are also regularly challenged with lifting from packaging that has not been designed to allow any access to the product!

The Technical Challenge

In this example, a flywheel was being presented for lift and rotation before being fitted to the engine.

The flywheel was being delivered in packaging that had no access to grip around the sides of the flywheel and the flywheel had to be able to rotate to align for fitting to the crankshaft.

The Andron Solution was a magnetic gripper

As an alternative to the customer redesigning their packaging, Andron stepped in and suggested a magnetic gripper to attach cleanly to the face of the flywheel.

Andron designed the magnetic gripper to include an array of strong permanent magnets, pneumatically deployable via the handle controls.

The rotation of the flywheel from horizontal to vertical was achieved through a simple pneumatic cylinder, again controlled from the handles of the gripper.

The operator was then free to manually align the bolt holes and fit the flywheel.

The equipment was built and delivered to our customers site following trials and validation at Andron and has now completed millions of cycles. The limited wear experienced by magnetic grippers means they have a very long service life with very low maintenance. This is due to there being few moving parts all totally enclosed within the magnet assembly.

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