Manual clamp for lifting engine blocks

Manual Clamp

December 10, 2020

Andron used a manual clamp to provide a bespoke solution improving the safety and ergonomics of lifting a large engine component for quality testing.


Andron were approached to improve the safety and ergonomics of lifting a large cylinder head to be quality control tested for use in an automotive engine assembly facility.

The Technical Challenge

The component to be lifted was a heavy duty cylinder head. It posed a particular ergonomic challenge as it was necessary to lift it in a safe and controlled manner from position at floor level to the finish position into the testing jig at waist level.

A Manual Clamp is the safe and effective Andron Solution

The Andron solution was a cylinder head lifter using manual clamping gripper for additional safety functionality. A manual clamp requires no special power or air supply and provide simple, rapid and reliable operation.

Manual clamping grippers are often a safer, faster and simpler alternative to powered clamps. We offer a wide range of manual grippers, including toggle and over-centre clamps, linear slides, scissor mechanisms and more. Almost any powered gripper can be converted to manual operation, where necessary making use of linkage and latching systems to provide a safe single point of operation.

In this scenario, the cylinder head lifter was teamed with an electronic hoist from our range of crane systems. The cylinder head lifter is lowered into position allowing the operator to secure the manual clamps at the base of the plate. The control for the hoist, a simple electronic pendant, then enables the operator to easily lift and move the cylinder head into position in the testing bed. This particular lifter has the additional benefit of being compatible with both four cylinder or six cylinder head plate grippers and can lift up to 120kg.

For more information on our extensive range of grippers please see here.