Mobile Manipulators

Mobile Manipulators

October 8, 2020

Andron provided mobile manipulators and a process trolley to a manufacturer of luxury SUVs when approached to solve a problem in their special vehicles department.


As part of an armoured vehicle program, a manufacturer of luxury vehicles had a requirement to remove and manipulate very heavy front and rear windscreens and carry out process work before re-fitting them.

The Technical Challenge

This is normally a process which is carried out by hand with a few simple common tools – a pair of vacuum handles, an x-frame stand and a couple of fitters. However, with a mass of 125kg to deal with, the armoured vehicle screens would require a different approach.

The other key challenge was that the customer was keen to preserve the flexibility of the workspace; with relatively few armoured vehicles passing through in small batches, the build space needed to remain clear of lifting and processing equipment.

The Andron Solution with Mobile Manipulators

Andron put together a proposal for small suite of equipment to fulfil the customers needs; mainly consisting of two mobile manipulators and a process trolley.

The mobile manipulators were floor-standing parallel arm manipulators with suction-cup grippers to enable the glass to be removed and replaced with high accuracy at the required angles.

These manipulators, whilst capable of lifting up to 125kg at significant reach, were mounted on fork-liftable bases with no fixings to the floor, to give the customer complete control over position and deployment in the build space.

The trolley itself, with a similar vacuum system gripping the glass, provides a stable and ergonomic base for the screen to be fully inverted 180 degrees to enable the adhesive to be applied. The trolley is able to be positioned locally to the mobile manipulator and provide the function of a process fixture as well as being able to be removed from the build space when not required.

When the equipment is set up and working in concert, the overall process is simple, ergonomic, quick and with the operator able to focus where it matters, improved quality performance.

With the use of a basic forklift, the entire cell can be set up and cleared in minutes.

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