One of Andron's end effectors

One of Andron’s end effectors used in jig handling tool

September 1, 2021

Andron were approached by a global technology company to provide a jig handling tool using one of our bespoke end effectors.


The customer was looking for a handling tool that could pick up a large, complex component from the start location then manoeuvre it to the correct position to be attached to the customer assembly fixture.

The Technical Challenge

This was a particularly complex project included a number of technical challenges requiring an innovative design. The customer part is a large electric component of an awkward size and shape and a further complication is that it can only be picked up in a certain location on the part due to the sensitivity of the material and to ensure no damage. The process of lifting and manoeuvring the part had previously been carried out manually requiring more than one person. It was also time consuming and tricky to rotate and move the part correctly to the end location, due to the size and shape of both the part and the assembly fixture to which the part attaches.

The Andron Solution using one of our bespoke end effectors

The Andron solution was a jig handling tool using one of our bespoke end effectors. The tool consisted of a mobile base which had pallet truck slots included so that it could easily be moved around the customer facility. The base has a short post and easy arm system attached to give lift and rotation, with further reach arms and a balancer connected to allow the required access. At the end of the arm is the bespoke end effector made from mild steel to ensure no damage, with 4 location pins to connect to the customer part.

The system was fitted with pneumatically controlled brakes and included a rotating handle and controls on the end effector. This ensured that the customer part could be picked up and manoeuvred smoothly and easily by a single operator to be attached at the end location.

Please see here For more information on our range of standard end effectors or contact us for more information or details of any bespoke requirements.