Quick-lift arm with bespoke pneumatic gripper

October 23, 2020

Andron Handling provided a Quick-lift arm as part of their solution to remove manual handling from an existing process carried out by a prestigious bicycle manufacturer.


Andron were approached by Brompton Bicycles Ltd to design and manufacture a quick-lift solution to pick and place a Brompton Bicycle on 3 assembly lines at their site in Greenford, London.

The Technical Challenge

In this scenario this UK engineering customer was looking for an innovative and effective solution to eliminate any manual lifting that was part of the existing process.

The Andron Solution used a quick-lift arm

Andron designed a solution comprising a quick-lift arm that was fitted with a bespoke mechanical gripper to be used on a final packing station for folding the Brompton Bicycles. The gripper was integrated with a standard control handle and also included product sensing and weight sensing for perfect balance of a range of products.

Bespoke assistors manoeuvred all variants of the foldable bike including the new electric version using Binar ‘Smart Handles’.

This meant that the potential for operator injury was also removed and the increase in efficiency in this area also allowed a reduction their ‘cycle’ time. Please see here for our full range of quick-lift arms and contact us if you would like any more information.