Roll handler mast manipulator

Roll Handler Mast Manipulator

February 9, 2021

Andron Handling design, manufacture and install a roll handler mast manipulator to unload and transport finished rolls to a conveyor for Innovia Films.


Andron were excited to be approached by global speciality film supplier, Innovia Films to design a bespoke roll handler to unload and transport finished rolls to a conveyor at their site in Cumbria, UK.

The Technical Challenge

The customer was looking for a simple and effective solution to safely unload and transport finished rolls to a conveyor based on a total SWL 400kg for a variety of finished rolls with maximum length of 1.5m. This posed a unique ergonomic challenge due to the size, shape and weight of the product to be unloaded and transported.


Very pleased to have found Andron Handling, we now have a nicely engineered robust solution to unload our new machines. As an engineer in a busy factory, “silence is golden”, our harshest critics (and rightly so) are guys that use this equipment 24/7 and if they don’t have anything to say it’s a good job done.

Simon Butcher, Senior Design and Development Engineer, Innovia Films Ltd

The Andron Solution

Our solution was a roll handler mast manipulator. The Andron roll handler offers a productive and ergonomic solution for handling roll products of all weights and sizes and in this instance provided the perfect answer.

The Andron team designed a bespoke end effector which was attached to a lower mast system. It consisted of an unloading spindle with lock mechanism to prevent the rolls from dropping during transfer.  For additional safety the system was controlled by a bespoke pneumatic logic circuit.  This would allow the operative to safely lift and transport the roll in a controlled manner for placement on the conveyor.

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