Saggar Transfer and Empty Lift Assists Andron Handling

Saggar Transfer and Empty Lift Assists

August 11, 2020

Andron Handling was asked to design and install multiple Saggar Transfer and Empty Lift Assists for differing applications for our Aerospace customer in Staffordshire UK.


Andron was approached to develop 6 individual Saggar Transfer and Empty Lift Assists to work for 3 applications that could pick up and transfer empty saggars as well as pick up and empty full saggars.

The Technical Challenge

The lightweight Assists were required to lift, transfer and handle the 2 types of saggar (large and small). It was necessary to design and manufacture a solution that located accurately and quickly on each saggar and clamp around the outside due to no access from the underside. An additional complication was that it was essential to design so as not to contaminate the material being transferred.

The Andron Solution

The lightweight Lift Assists bespoke design consists of a lightweight pneumatically clamping gripper suspended from a pneumatic balancer attached to a jib crane.

All the Assists were pneumatically controlled with raise and lower buttons, two handed clamp and release, a brake switch and part present sensors to ensure the saggars were clamped correctly before lifting. The smart ergonomic handle rotates during the raise and lowering ensuring the operator is comfortable throughout.

A 4:1 offset spur gearbox with anti-backlash and rotation wheel was used to control the load during the process of emptying the full saggars. The intelligent design of these saggar and lift assists facilitated the safe operation of a complex process.

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