Simplifying Electric Vehicle Manufacture

December 16, 2019

Andron Handling were asked to assist with simplifying electric vehicle manufacture and the production of hybrid electric vehicles at Jaguar Land Rover with a bespoke handling solution


Andron was approached to develop tooling to lift plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery to a sub assembly line at Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood facility. 

The Technical Challenge

The tooling was required to transfer batteries from a compact delivery box onto an automatic guided vehicle. The layout was compact, and included low level overhead steel obstructing part of the working envelope.


Just a heads up, we used the PHEV battery assist for the first time yesterday on line with a production part, it was awesome. Safe, simple, efficient and secure I was really pleased with what we have managed to deliver for this lift.

Project Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

The Andron Solution to Simplifying Electric Vehicle Manufacture

 Our solution was a bespoke manually operated gripper actuated with four lift arms engaged via a single locking toggle clamp. The gripper can be lowered directly on to the battery, with durable contact pads engaging on battery features to ensure easy alignment. 

 The entire system is packaged onto a light aluminium baseplate, and uses a high grade chain sling to reduce the package height and fit within the restricted height in the factory. The hoist control is fixed to the operator handles so that operators can use both hands to control the gripper.

The end result is a safe, simple and efficient tool and a very happy customer.