Vacuum gripper

Vacuum Gripper

December 2, 2020

Andron provides another perfect manual handling solution for use in vehicle engine manufacture with a bespoke vacuum gripper.


Andron were approached by a leading luxury vehicle manufacturer for assistance with an awkward lift and rotate requirement in their production of electric drive engines.

The Technical Challenge

As part of the build process, an end cover plate is covered with adhesive before being rotated for fitment to the main housing. Although not a particularly heavy item, the size and shape of the plate, along with the requirement for adhesive, results in it being extremely difficult to safely pick up and rotate the cover plate manually.

Vacuum gripper provides the perfect Andron Solution

The Andron solution was to provide a bespoke vacuum gripper. This simply grips the end cover plate and additional safety functionality of a ‘vacuum on’ green light indicates to the operator that it is ‘safe to lift’. Then, with minimal operator effort, the plate is rotated 180 degrees and a guide plate on the end effector ensures accurate placement to the designated position. Once in place, the vacuum is released by the operator with a straightforward touch button. This small vacuum system is ideal for use in electric vehicle manufacturing and combines an interlocked rotation wheel with the unparalleled lift performance of our intelligent handling devices.

vacuum gripper
Vacuum gripper in use at the customer site placing the cover plate to the main housing

All in all this results in an accurate, efficient and safe method for completion of this complex step in the manufacture process. For more details on our products in this range please see our vacuum grippers page.