Welding Manipulator

May 26, 2021

Andron supplied a bespoke welding manipulator for a prestigious UK manufacturer.


Rolls Royce approached Andron with a requirement to design, manufacture and commission a welding manipulator to support components during manufacture, enabling them to be raised, lowered and rotated during the welding and repair process.

The Technical Challenge

This project posed a particular challenge as we were not able to have the full customer data file due to customer confidentiality restrictions. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out a full survey of the customer part on site at Andron to ensure accuracy of design. As well as being raised and lowered, the components needed to be rotated in the Y and Z axis which provided additional complication to the design specification.

The Andron Solution for a welding manipulator

The Andron solution consisted of a floor mounted telescopic mast with gas struts to aid lift. The gas struts were sized to balance the weight of the spindle. Attached to the mast is a lockable bearing to allow rotation, and attached to the bearing is the support arm, the horizontal leg of which terminates in the second rotation bearing. This meant the various positions required for welding could be achieved. The clamp plate which attaches to the customer part is at the end of the support arm. Locking levers at each join provide enhanced safety functionality to prevent movement during loading and unloading of the part.

The operator simply places the clamp plate on to the part and locks the lever to ensure if it secure. The operator then releases the lock lever on the mast to raise the part to a suitable working height and can then rotate the part as required before commencing welding.

To provide maximum efficiencies to the customer, the tooling is all attached via bolted connections to allow for potential future upgrades as and when required. The customer was delighted with the end product and the safe, simple and easy use for the operator.

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