Wheel Fit Lift Assists

August 5, 2020

JLR approached Andron to create two flexible and easy-to-use wheel fit lift assists for their brand new Nitra factory in Slovakia for the fitment of road wheels to the all-new Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery  models.


The modern SUV has a wide range of wheel and tyre combinations, especially when you consider the broad appeal of these vehicles from the utilitarian through to the urban customer. These different wheels and particularly their different shapes and sizes all needed to be accommodated by wheel fit lift assists.

The Technical Challenge

Fitting a wheel by the side of the road on a large SUV is no mean feat, even if you have 20 minutes to get the job done. The Andron wheel fit lift assists had to enable wheel fitment and tightening within 90 seconds – for both front and rear!

Free movement is always priority for Andron wheel fit lift assists and there was lots to consider; translation from delivery conveyor into wheel arches and the all-important alignment with the bolts. In addition, the key axes of articulation had to be kept free for operator access to the bolts.

However, safety being our first concern, we knew that this movement would have to be provided whilst the tyre was also retained in the gripper.

The Andron Solution

The technical challenge outlined above drove a innovative tooling solution with curved rollers, allowing the wheel to rotate for alignment and pneumatically-clamping rollers on the side walls to ensure security of the wheel in the jaws of the gripper.

A side-stepped supporting structure allows full operator access and visibility and critically keeps the side of the vehicle protected by always remaining a fixed safety margin from the wing/fender.

Floating effortlessly on a balanced overhead parallel arm lift assist, the operator can focus on simply docking to the integrated delivery conveyor and transferring the wheel to the vehicle for fitment with the minimum of control inputs.

In this application the wheels are delivered flat and then stood up at the end of the conveyor. If you have a similar application, Andron may have a product ready for you or a bespoke solution for your mass- or niche-production facility.

For more information on wheel lift assists or the other innovative products in our range please contact us https://www.andronhandling.com/contact/